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The Life

Dan Olson


The Life

Dan Olson

Stories have shaped us from our first days, and my work is telling the right ones











Dan Olson forged his identity in the isolation of the Midwestern hinterlands. Raised near the uniquely artistic community of Darlington, he began his training inauspiciously onstage in high school. From that initial production would grow a career that has spanned three continents, scores of productions on stage and screen, and hundreds of characters.


Having built a sturdy repertoire during four years of production at Huntington University, Dan continues to build on his native love of the stage while adapting the work to the intimate frame of the film lens. 


Now based in New York City, Dan continues to develop his body of work through his partnership with Josselyne Herman and Associates and Andreadis Talent Agency. 

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The Work

The Work

The Work



The Blacklist - Season Four, Episode Seven

Directed by Andrew McCarthy

Gold Man - Commercial

Directed by Matt Docter

Braman - Promotional

Directed by Tara Tovarek



Jericho - FringeNYC

Directed by derik Wingo



American Genius - Space Race

Directed by Paul Abascal

Charlie - Short Film

Directed by Jeff Labbe 

Speakeasy Dollhouse: Booth - Interactive Theatre

Directed by P.J. Mead

Speakeasy Dollhouse: Beginnings

Directed by Wes Grantom



The Addams Family International Tour

Directed by Jerry Zaks



Death and the Maiden - Short Film

Directed by Kylin Z. Young

Mulligan - Pilot

Directed by Ryan RoSSELL

Someone To Belong To - Musical

Directed by Leslie Collins

The Wolf of Wall Street - Film

Directed by Martin Scorsese

Mad as Hell - Short Film

Directed by Ash Innovator


The Training

The Training

The Details


KCACTF Finalist



B.A. Theatre Performance

Huntington University




Dan is a born mimic and capable of replicating very nearly any accent, including ones with no perceived benefit for having acquired. He has a personal history of audio recording, video production and writing, and he's produced multiple web series in two different countries. He studied acting styles under David Shamburger, Kristi Brannon and Mike Peng while at Huntington University. He's studied improv under Steve Soroka at The People's Improv Theatre (The PIT) in New York City. While living in New York, he's studied film audition technique with Steve Vincent, Harley Kaplan, and Adrienne Stern, commercial audition technique with Barry Shapiro, and television audition technique with C.J. Molidor. A longtime resident of Wisconsin, he also works locally across the Midwest in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Minnesota. His first love will always be the stage, but film and television have opened his eyes to a world of influence and possibilities that can only be found onscreen.